This is a blog created for sports fans who¬†are tired of hearing about sports only from the perspective of the coasts. It is all about sports from the perspective of your everyday Midwesterner, who just so happens to be an NFL owner. My name is Jacob Hams, and I created this site to let people know what my opinions are on the sports world. I feel like many others that the people talking about sports on TV aren’t doing so from a perspective of a fan, and viewing this as a fan is how sports should be written about. With this blog I will write about Football, Basketball and any other major topics that arise in the major sports. Now more about myself, I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a Journalism degree in 2017. This means that I am a fan of Wisconsin sports teams exclusively, so there may be some bias in my content. Despite this I will try to keep my fandom in check and write with passion about sports. My opinions along with this blog will be different from the mainstream sports media, but will often cover much of the same topics.